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Document Do I have to declare my spouse / partner / civil partner’s income?

If you're applying for any of the income assessed elements of the postgraduate Social Work Bursary, you'll need to declare your spouse / partner / civil partner’s income on your application if you:
  • have a spouse / civil partner and you live in the same property, or;
  • live in the same property as your partner and you share household bills or finances with them, or;
  • have a spouse / partner / civil partner but live apart due to other commitments, such as working in a different area / country, and you have not divorced / separated.
You do not need to declare your partner's income if you:
  • do not live in the same property as your partner and live financially independently of each other

If either of the below scenarios apply you'll need to send a covering letter explaining your circumstances and relevant evidence that shows you live independently, for example, evidence that you don't have any joint liability for rent / mortgage and household bills:
  • You're not married / in a civil partnership, but you live in the same property as a partner and you don't share household bills or finances with them
  • You're married / in a civil partnership and you still live in the same property as your spouse / civil partner, but you have separated.
We need to assess the information provided in your application before we can advise whether you can be assessed as a single person.

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