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Document When can I apply for Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs)?

If you're a postgraduate course student and have been assessed as eligible for a capped bursary place you can apply for the Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) at any time during your academic year.

Applying for DSAs before your course begins

You can apply for DSAs before your course begins, however, we'll not usually be able to approve you for an assessment of study needs or any funding until we've received confirmation from your university / college that you've started attending your course and that you've been allocated a capped bursary place.

If we receive your DSAs application prior to this confirmation, we'll keep your form secure and assess it once we have received both.

It is sometimes possible to approve you for an assessment of study needs and pay for some recommended specialist equipment prior to your start, however, we must receive an original letter from your university / college to confirm that you've been accepted on your course and have been given one of their allocated bursary places in order for us to consider this.

Applying for DSAs towards the end of your course

If you apply for DSAs towards the end of your course, you may still be able to get specialist equipment if there is evidence of need for it, however, we may ask you to consider if there are more economical alternatives to buying equipment.

The assessment of study needs report may recommend you have initial training in using such equipment and provide quotes to hire the equipment instead of buying the item.


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