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Document How do I apply for Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs)?

If you're a postgraduate course student and expect to incur additional costs while attending your course as a direct result of your disability, you should complete a DSAs application form and send the following to support your claim:
  • An explanation of your disability, condition or specific learning difficulty; and
  • Supporting evidence of your disability, condition or specific learning difficulty - an original up to date doctor's letter or a psychologist's report which explains what your disability is, the effect your disability has on your daily life, ability to study and whether the condition is recoverable. If you have more than one condition you will need to send evidence for each.

We don't pay for the cost of obtaining this information and we can't use confirmation of any benefits you receive, such as Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Incapacity Benefit or Employment and Support Allowance, as evidence.

If you have a MyFunding account, the DSAs application form is available to print from the ‘Apply’ section of your account.


If you do not have a MyFunding account, you can find the form on our website (within the 'Additional allowances you can apply for' section).

Based on the medical information you supply with the application form we'll decide if you should attend an assessment of study needs. If so, a letter will be sent to you advising you how to arrange an appointment at a registered centre.

You're required to complete an application for each year of study, however, you'll not need to send your medical evidence every year, unless your disability has become more severe.

You can apply for DSAs for your academic year at any time prior to the end of that academic year.


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