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Document What funding is available for undergraduate course students?

Providing you meet all eligibility criteria, the following funding may be available to you from the second year of your course;

You are not allocated a capped place
You may be eligible for the Placement Travel Allowance (PTA) only.

This is a non income assessed allowance intended to support you with your placement costs.
You are allocated a capped bursary place
You may be eligible for a Basic Bursary.
This non income assessed award is intended to support you with your general living expenses and will automatically include an amount for the Placement Travel Allowance (PTA).

The above support is the maximum available. We don't have any additional allowances available for dependants, any contribution towards tuition fees or any disability allowances if you're an undergraduate course student.
You may wish to contact other funding bodies, such as Student Finance England, to seek further support.
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