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Document When will my tuition fees be paid?

If you're a postgraduate course student and have been assessed as eligible for a tuition fee contribution, show your Notification of Award (NOA) to your university / college and they'll invoice us directly for this contribution.

Invoices from universities / colleges that are dated or received before the 1st December (if you’re an Autumn cohort student) or the 1st March (if you’re a Winter cohort student) will not be accepted however.

This is because you must have been in attendance up to these dates in order to qualify for the tuition fee contribution.

If you withdraw from your course before the relevant date, you'll be liable to pay all fees charged for that academic year.

Invoices should be sent to us directly by your university / college by post or email and must include your name and Social Work Bursary reference number.

If accepted, the tuition fee contribution will be paid to them within 20 working days.


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