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Document Why haven't I received my bursary payment?

If you've not received a payment you were due, please check the following:
  • Check your account balance with your bank as sometimes the cash machines don't show the most up to date bank balance.
  • Check to see whether the payment has been made into a holding or central account at your bank.

    If this is the case and you can't access the money, you'll need to ask your bank to return the payment to us.

    Once your bank has returned the payment we can arrange for the payment to be paid to you however we cannot advise you on how long this process will take.
  • Check your old bank account if you have recently changed or closed your bank account.
  • Check your bank details are correct on the 'Personal Details' section of your MyFunding account.
If you have checked all of the above, are still unsure and your bank can't explain why you haven't received the payment, contact us so we can investigate further.
If you need to change the bank or building society account we pay your bursary into, please see the related article How do I change the bank account my bursary is paid into?.