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Document Can you return my documents to a non UK address?

No, Royal Mail and the UK Post Office changed their rules on deliveries to non UK addresses, meaning we're unable to return any documents we receive to an address outside the UK.

Previously in order for your documents to be returned to a non UK address you had the following options:
  • A pre-paid envelope for return of their documents
  • A pre-paid envelope with a label purchased and downloaded from the Royal Mail website
  • International Postage Coupons to cover postage costs from the UK
The UK Post Office no longer accept the International Postage Coupons and the Royal Mail pre-paid labels must be used within 24 hours of purchase, therefore, both of these options are no longer suitable if you need your evidence to be returned to a non UK address.

Royal Mail also reject pre-paid envelopes for some non UK EU postal services as they don't have an agreement with these postal services.

As a result of these changes and as we're unable to pay for return of documents to non UK addresses, you must wait until you're in the UK before sending us your Social Work Bursary application and supporting evidence so that you can enclose a self-addressed envelope with a UK address on for the return of your documents.


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