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Document What evidence do I need to send to prove my spouse / partner / civil partner’s employed earnings?

You'll need to send original evidence of any employed income your spouse / partner / civil partner received if you're applying for the postgraduate maintenance grant or any of the additional dependants allowances.

The bursary application form details what evidence we can accept, but the following can also be used as guidance:
  • P60
  • P45 (If the employment has ended we will also need evidence of their income receive since this employment ended)
  • End of tax year March / week 52 payslip (This payslip must show the end of year total earnings and deductions)
  • Headed letter from employer providing full financial year details (This letter must include the same information, including any pension contributions paid, as a P60 or payslip would provide)
  • HMRC Income confirmation.
  • Confirmation of Earnings form (You can download the Confirmation of Earnings form from our website within the 'Forms you might need' section)
You must send the original evidence via the post as we're unable to accept any evidence via email or fax.

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