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Document What can I send instead if I am a postgraduate student and don't have a valid passport?

We're unable to advise what alternative evidence will be accepted until we've assessed it along with your completed application, however, the below information should be used as guidance.

UK nationals
If you're a UK national you should send your current valid passport. If you don't have a passport, or if it's expired, we can accept a UK Driving Licence (including a provisional licence) instead. We'll only require the photo card part of your licence and not the paper counterpart.
If you don't have a driving licence you should provide at least three recent official documents, all of which must have your name and your current address on, from the following list:
  • tenancy agreement(s)
  • council tax bill(s)
  • mortgage statement(s)
  • utility bill(s)
  • bank statement(s)
  • government letter(s)
  • benefit letter(s)
  • NHS medical card
If you're unable to provide anything from the list above, please send anything official with your current name and address on to be considered.
Please also include a covering letter to explain why you're unable to send your passport / driving licence to us.

Non UK, EU / EEA Nationals
If you're an EU / EEA national (other than UK) you should send your current National Identity Card if you don't have a valid passport.

Non UK, Non EU/EEA nationals
If you're not a UK or EU / EEA national you must send a current valid passport to support your application.
If your passport is with the Home Office at the time you submit your Social Work Bursary application because you have applied to them to renew your current immigration status, you must provide evidence of this in the form of the letter you'll have received from the Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration) to confirm receipt of your application.

You should also provide a covering letter to explain your current situation as well as additional documentation to help confirm your identity, as detailed in the 'UK nationals' section above.

Please be aware that we may need to contact you for further information about your status when we receive your Social Work Bursary application form. 

If you're a refugee you should provide your most recent Home Office letter and either your biometric residence card or your UK Travel Document issued by UK Visas and Immigration, in lieu of a passport. These must be current and valid.


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