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Document How do I tell you that I have a new dependant?

Undergraduate course students

You don't need to tell us as dependants aren't considered in your bursary assessment.

Postgraduate course students

If your circumstances have changed since making your application for this academic year and you now have care of a child or an adult dependant, you'll need to tell us as this may change your entitlement to the Adult Dependents (ADA), Childcare (CCA) and Parent's Learning (PLA) allowances.
First child or newly dependant adult
If this is your first child, or the first time an adult is dependent on you, you'll need to complete a new application form if you now wish to claim any of the Adult Dependants (ADA), Childcare (CCA) or Parent's Learning (PLA) allowances. You'll only need to send the additional evidence requested within the application.
Additional child
If you've already applied for these allowances but now have an additional child, a new application isn't needed unless you need to apply for additional childcare costs. If so, you'll need to complete a new Childcare Allowance (CCA) application form from our website.

However, you'll need to tell us if you're now receiving any extra income, such as any taxable benefits or maintenance payments, that wasn't declared on your original application form. If you are, please send us a covering letter explaining the circumstances with evidence of the extra income you receive.

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