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Document How soon after I have sent in my Childcare Reconciliation form will you reassess my entitlement?

We aim to fully reconcile all Childcare Allowance payments for the current reconciliation period before we request the Childcare Reconciliation (CCR) forms for the following period.

This is subject to all of your form(s) being received by the initial deadline. If your forms are received after the deadline your future payments will be placed on hold until you have submitted your CCR form. It can take up to 12 weeks from the date we receive your form(s) for the complete reconciliation to be processed.

Although we do not ask you to provide receipts with the CCR forms you must retain all of your childcare receipts as these may be requested by us at any point during the academic year for random sample checking. If you do not provide these when asked, all of the Childcare Allowance paid for that period will be raised as an overpayment and you will have to repay it to us.

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