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Document Why have I been asked to provide Childcare receipts for the full year?

It is an NHS Audit requirement that we randomly select a percentage of our students who are/have been in receipt of the Childcare Allowance element of the NHS Student Bursary, and request evidence of payments made to their childcare provider for a 12 month period. This is known as a Yearly Sample Check (YSC). (This is a separate exercise to the Quarterly reconciliations when we ask you and your Childcare Provider (CCP) to complete a Childcare Reconciliation form to confirm costs incurred) .

We are required to request evidence of the Childcare costs paid by a student over a 52 week period ( this period is September to August (inclusive).

For this NHS Annual Audit exercise we add up all the CCA payments we have made to you over the academic  year, taking into account the results of the quarterly reconciliations processed in the applicable time. 

We then calculate 85% of the total receipts received for the YSC period, (Childcare Element is paid at 85% of the estimated costs within maximums applied).

If the total of 85% of the total receipts supplied cover the CCA payments paid to the student then the YSC has balanced and no further action is required.

If the receipts do not cover the total CCA paid to you by us, you will be required to repay the difference.

If you receive a request for your receipts you must get them to us by the date stated in the email. If we don’t receive them, all the childcare allowance payments you have received for that 52 week period will be raised as an overpayment regardless of the quarterly reconciliations.

If you have completed your course or have withdrawn you will still need to send receipts for any childcare allowance payments received during this period, even if you have been fully reconciled. Failure to do so will result in a full overpayment of any childcare allowance payments you have received.

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