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Document What documents will not be returned to me?

We will not return any of the following;
  • paper based applications, including Childcare Allowance and Practice Placement Expenses and other PSM forms
  • evidence sent with a Practice Placement Expense form, such as accommodation receipts
  • childcare receipts
  • receipts sent with a Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) refund claim
Supporting evidence sent with a DSA application or Needs Assessment Report (NAR) will not be returned either, unless a self-addressed pre-paid envelope has been included.
If you have sent any DSA or NAR evidence without a self-addressed pre-paid envelope and wish to have this returned, you can write to us to request this at a later date, including the envelope and your student coversheet.
Your letter should be clearly marked for the attention of ‘Queries’ and  include your bursary reference number, your name and the specific documents you require returning.
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