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Document How will my documents be returned?

We will return any documents you have posted to us within 15 working days of receiving them. We recommend that you include a pre-paid, self-addressed, Special Delivery envelope with your supporting evidence which we will the use to return your original documents in. We can return documents to any UK address. If you do not provide a return envelope we will return all original documents by second class post, which is not insured, to the address listed on your BOSS account.

You may have to supply evidence to us from a third party, for example, financial evidence from a parent, spouse / civil partner / partner. If they would prefer the information it contains to remain confidential from you, you should ask them to place the document(s) into a sealed envelope and put them inside the envelope containing your supporting evidence along with a return envelope addressed to themselves and a cover letter that must include the following details-
  • their name (this should match the name on the self-addressed envelope enclosed)
  • relationship to you
  • list of documents which have been enclosed
  • confirmation of the return address (this should match that on the self-addressed envelope enclosed)
You should always avoid sending in another person's evidence separately to your own as this can cause delays with the assessment of your application. These documents will be separated when they are opened at Middlebrook and the third party documents will be scanned and sent out separately from your own documents.

We will handle your original documents securely and confidentially whilst they are within our possession. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for items lost in transit to / from yourself.

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