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Document What can I do if I am unable to print my student coversheet to send with my evidence / documents?

The student coversheet must be sent with any evidence, documents, correspondence or paper application to ensure we are able to deal with the post we receive from you.

Your student coversheet is located in the ‘Documents’ section of your online BOSS account.

The coversheet is used to enable us to locate the correct BOSS record and scan your documents onto it as promptly as possible. If you are unable to print your coversheet at home, we recommend using a computer / printer at a different location, such as a local library or your university.

If you do not include your student coversheet there will be a delay to the assessment of your application. If we are unable to identify your record from the documents you sent, we will not be able to progress with the application.

If we are unable to identify your record in order to link your documents to it, they will be returned if a self-addressed envelope was included. If no self-addressed envelope was included either, we will be unable to do anything with the documents you send us.

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