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Document Practice Placement Expense (PPE) Form General Guidance

Please see below a guide to some questions you may have when completing the Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) claim form:
Section 3 -  Details of normal daily travel to study
What should I enter for my daily cost of travelling to study?
You should enter the cost of how much it costs to travel to University and back to your home address for one day. For example, if it costs £3.00 to travel by bus to University and £3.00 to travel by bus back to your home address, you should put your daily cost as £6.00.

If you car share or get a lift to university you must still show how far the daily return journey is from your term-time address to your place of study. We will assume that you incur the entire cost of travelling to university each day. This is the figure that will be used to determine whether or not your placement travel costs are in excess of your normal travel to university.

If you cycle to university you should indicate the daily mileage travelled as this will be used to calculate the difference in cost of your daily journey to university compared with the daily journey to your placement site.

Section 4 – Details of travel to and from your placement
What should I enter for my daily cost of travelling to my placement?
You should enter the cost of how much it costs to travel to your placement and back to your home/accommodation for one day. For example, if it costs £4.50 to travel by train to your placement site and £4.50 to travel back again, you should enter your daily return cost as £9.00.

What if I have more than one placement site?

You should enter the details on separate sheets. You can just make a copy of the relevant page of the application form. There is no need to submit a whole new form.

Section 5  - Details of claim
How should I complete section 5 of the PPE form?
In this section you should record every daily return journey you make during your placement, including any weekly return journeys you are claiming between your temporary placement accommodation to your term time address. You should record each daily journey in each of the numbered sections.
If community mileage is part of your claim, you should also record the mileage for the journey to the placement as well as the community mileage.  Community mileage has its own box so do not enter this in the ‘Mileage’ box. 
If you have purchased a monthly travel pass for your placement, in order to calculate your daily travel costs you should divide the cost of your pass by the amount of days you attended placement. For example, if the cost of your pass is £65 and you attended the placement for 15 days, this would equal a daily return cost of £4.33 per day. You should enter the amount of £4.33 for every journey that you used the travel pass for in this placement.

Section 6 - Details of accommodation expenses

What should I do if I was not staying at the accommodation for the entire duration of the dates I have entered on the form?

The from and to dates for the period you are claiming for should just be the first and last date you stayed at that accommodation during your placement.
If you did not stay there for the duration of the dates, such as the accommodation was not required for one of the weeks or you only stayed there a few nights per week, you should include a covering letter giving further details for clarification.

The form advises that section 6 needs to be completed in full but what happens if i did not stay at an alternative accommodation during the placement?

Just answer 'no' to the question 'Were you living at a different address whilst on practice placement?' This will be deemed as answering the section in full and then you can continue to Section 7.

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