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Document Who can apply for travel and accommodation expenses?

If you commenced year one of your course on or after 1 September 2012 and are eligible for at least the non-means tested grant, you can claim some reimbursement for travel and accommodation costs which you incur whilst attending a practice placement as part of your course.

If you commenced training on any date prior to 1 September 2012 you can apply for reimbursement for travel and accommodation costs as long as your bursary award was income assessed. This is the case even if your award was assessed as £0 due to the parental/partner contribution, however you may have a travel disregard.

If you have been assessed as European Fees Only you are only entitled to have your tuition fees paid and you will not receive a bursary nor reimbursement of any costs associated with practice placements.

The above rules do not apply if you are a non-medical / dental student and attend a university located in London. You should contact your university directly for details on how to apply for your practice placement costs.

A guidance booklet which contains more information on how to claim Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) is available on our website.

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