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Document If I have a recommendation for specialist glasses due to visual stress or scotopic sensitivity will the cost of these be met through the DSAs?

If you apply for DSAs and have a diagnosis of visual stress or scotopic sensitivity but no other disability and the evidence you send to us is sufficient, we will not normally send you for a Needs Assessment.

Instead, we will contact you and provide you with a letter advising you to arrange an appointment with a specialist assessor (optometrist) to undertake further testing to determine your requirements (this is sometimes referred to as 'Colorimetry testing').

DSAs cannot be used to fund the cost of any diagnostic tests such as a full initial assessment, normal standard eye test or for any prescriptions.

We will provide funding towards the following items if they are recommended by your assessor:
  • Test to determine any coloured overlays/filters/lenses required (Colorimetry test) - Up to £155.00
  • Coloured overlays - Up to £16.00
  • Non-prescription lenses - Up to £50.00
  • Lens tinting costs - Up to £90.00
  • Contribution towards frames if tinted lenses have been recommended - Up to £30.00
We cannot help you towards the cost of prescription lenses.

If you have recently undergone a diagnostic assessment, have been recommended any of the above items and have already purchased them using your own money, you should send the original receipts to us with a copy of your student coversheet to the following address:

(Your unique SBA number)
NHS Student Bursaries
Ridgway House
Northgate Close

We will process these documents within 10 working days of receipt and will arrange reimbursement (up to the maximum costs specified above), if applicable.


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