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Document What happens to my monthly payments if my Medical / Dental academic year starts in a different month to my previous NHS funded year?

Your payment schedule is determined by your academic year term dates, meaning that because Medical / Dental courses often have non-standard start months, you may have an overlap or a gap between payments if you are receiving an NHS Bursary over more than one year.
For example, if your 5th year of study begins in August, you would usually be paid during the months August to July. If your 6th year of study then begins in June, you would usually be paid from June. This means you would receive two payments per month in both June and July.
As long as your application has been approved and your payment schedule has been generated in advance of the standard payment date, you should expect the second payment of the month one or two weeks after the first.
If your next academic year starts in a later month, there will be a break between your monthly payments. For example, if your 5th year of study begins in June and your 6th year starts the following July, you will not be paid anything in the month of June that falls between your two academic years. This is because your 5th year payments would end in May and your 6th year payments would start until the July.
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