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Document Why is my application approved but I have no payment schedule and no Notification of Award ( NOA )?

If your application is showing as approved but no payment schedule has been generated and no NOA issued to your account, this could be because the base data for the course hasn’t yet been entered into BOSS.

You can tell if there is no base data in BOSS by looking at the enrolment period in the top right hand corner of the BOSS screen. Normally, the drop down box will show the start date of your course, for example, 01/09/2016. If your course details haven’t been updated, the drop down box will show your course year and study year, for example, 2016 - Year 2. There will be no course dates in the course details section of BOSS.

This does not mean that your university have not submitted your course details. Once your course details have been entered, your payment schedule and NOA can then be generated.

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