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Document Can I view my parent(s) or partners income sections of the BOSS application?

Before your application is submitted, all sections of the form can be viewed by anyone logged into your BOSS account.

If your parent (s) or partner wishes to keep the information they enter private, you should complete and check all of your sections of the form first, including the ‘Student declaration’, before asking them to complete their section. They should then click ‘Submit’ at the end of the application. No amendments can be made to your application once they have clicked ‘Submit’, so please ensure you are happy with the information you have entered first.

Once the NHS Bursary application has been submitted, everything entered by a parent or partner is not visible to anyone other than our authorised staff. Any subsequent supporting evidence they provide, such as P60s, are scanned to the private section of your BOSS account are not visible when you log in.

This information is hidden as it is confidential information relating to your parent(s) or partner. If you wish to discuss this information, we must either speak to your parent(s) or partner to gain consent from them.

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