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Document How can I see if my overpayment is being deducted from my remaining bursary payments on BOSS?

If deductions for an over payment are being made from your remaining monthly bursary instalments, this will show in the ‘Payment Schedule’ screen of your BOSS account. 
If there is a figure in the ‘Subtotal (Debt Recovery)' section, this is the amount being deducted from your monthly instalment to repay the debt.

There are times when our finance payment system may be unable to remove the debt from your regular monthly bursary instalment. On these occasions, the debt will be recovered from the next available payment which could also include one off payments such as PPE, DSA or an underpayment. You will not be able to view this in your payment schedule on BOSS.

If you are unsure about how the deductions have been taken from your account, please contact us for further guidance.

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