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Document Where can I find my payment dates?

Payments due

Your regular monthly payment dates will be listed on your Notification of Award (NOA).
When a payment is imminent, you will be able to view the payment date in the ‘Payment Schedule’ screen in your BOSS account. Once we have completed our weekly payment run, the date your payment is due will appear next to the payment amounts.
The payment date which shows in your payment schedule is the date the money will reach your bank account.

Payments already made

If you wish to view payments already made, you can view the payment dates on your payment schedule screen. To view payments from a previous academic year please select the relevant year from the ‘enrolment period’ drop down menu.


If an underpayment for a previous month is added to your payment schedule, the date of payment will show as the third Friday of the month the payment should have been paid. It will not reflect the date the payment will actually be made. The payment will be made on the next available Friday after the payment has been added to your account and our payment run has been carried out.

An underpayment is added to your account on a Thursday 25 April; the next payment run will take place on Monday 29 April so the underpayment will be paid Friday 3 May.

PPE and DSA Payments

Once a claim has been processed , the amount due to be paid will appear in your payment schedule.

The amount due to be paid will appear in the month that the placement ended, not necessarily the month in which you are due to be paid.

The payment date will not appear next to the PPE claim, however, you will be paid on the next available weekly payment run after the claim was processed.

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