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Document What can I do if I have submitted my BOSS application but didn't apply for the Dependants Allowance?

If you have submitted your NHS Bursary application on BOSS and you didn't apply for Dependants Allowance but wanted to, you should complete a change of circumstances through your BOSS account.
When completing the change of circumstances form please advise that you wish to claim Dependants Allowance. The change of circumstances form will ask you for the date the change took place. This cannot be prior to the start of the academic year you are applying for so please enter the date as the first day of your academic year.
If you have a spouse / civil partner / partner, please answer yes to the question ‘Is your change in circumstances due to applying for Dependants Allowance for the first time? This will generate the estimated income and expenses section for your partner to complete.
In the Dependants Allowance section, please ensure you answer the following questions correctly (where relevant):
Do you have a spouse/civil partner/partner who will be wholly or mainly financially dependent on you during your training?
Do you wish to claim Dependants Allowance for your spouse/civil partner/partner?
Are you a lone parent?
Do you wish to claim Dependants Allowance for your child/children?

Please also send any additional supporting evidence with your student coversheet.

Failure to provide your student coversheet and self addressed envelope (if you're posting evidence to us) will result in the processing of your application and the return of your documents being delayed. This could also possibly result in a delay to any payment of bursary due to you.

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