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Document What can I do if I have applied as a part time student or a full time student incorrectly?

If you have submitted your application and you have made a mistake on this question, please see the following guidance.

New Student

If your original application is pending / active

You will need to send in a cover letter advising of the error and the assessors will correct this at the time of assessment.

If your original application has been approved

When we receive the COSA (Confirmation of Student Attendance) from your university to confirm you have started attending your course, BOSS will correct this mistake for you. You do not need to take any further action.

Continuing student

If your original application is pending / active

This will be amended by the bursary processor during the approval process. Please enclose a covering letter explaining the mistake you have made and advise which course you should have selected. Send this letter along with your student coversheet and any other requested evidence.

If your original application has been approved

If your application has been 'approved', you can reapply immediately selecting the correct course. Once your application has been submitted, you will need to contact us so we can activate your new application. If we don’t activate your application it will sit at ‘pending’ as BOSS will expect supporting evidence to be scanned into your account.


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