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Document What can I do if I have applied as living in the parental home or lodgings in error?

If you have applied as living in the parental home when you live in lodgings or vice versa, please see below for guidance.
If your original application is pending / active

If you have incorrectly indicated on your BOSS application where you will be living during the academic year then you can send all your other required evidence (including proof of rent and /or mortgage, if applicable) with your student coversheet and enclose a covering letter explaining that you have made a mistake.

The covering letter should make it clear that this is not a change of circumstances in your living arrangements but that you are trying to amend an error made on your original application form.
If original application has been approved

If the original application has been approved you should submit a change of circumstances through your BOSS account and send the relevant evidence with your student coversheet. You need to select the same date as the start of your academic year for the date the change has occurred.

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