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Document When should I apply for the NHS Bursary if I am a first time applicant?

If you are starting the first year of a non medical / dental course that attracts NHS Bursary funding or the first NHS funded year of a medical / dental course, we will class you as a new student.

If you are a new student you should check the tables available on our website for when to submit your application and all requested supporting evidence.

If you meet your application window deadline you will have your application assessed and your first bursary payment released to your bank account within 10 working days after we receive and process the notification from your university that you have enrolled on your course and attended your first day.

If you miss the deadline or you are a student who goes through the clearing process, we will assess your application as quickly as possible (within 35 working days) but there may be a delay to your payments. Any back payments that you are owed will be made on the next available payment run so your overall annual bursary entitlement will not be affected. In all cases, we must receive your bursary application, which includes all supporting evidence, within the first nine months of your academic year (six months for any academic year starting prior to 1 September 2017).

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