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Document What are the time limits for applying for an NHS Bursary?

You must apply within your application window in order to have payments set up ready for the start of your academic year. If you miss your deadline, your payments will be delayed. In all cases, we must receive your bursary application, which includes all supporting evidence, within the first nine months of your academic year (six months for any academic year starting prior to 1 September 2017). Any back payments you are due will be made to you on the next available payment run after your application has been approved.
This deadline is applicable to all elements of the NHS Student Bursary, including tuition fees for medical and dental students. However, Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) applications can be considered if received after this deadline. 
If you resume to a course following a period of withdrawal and join the academic year after it has started, you must apply within nine months of your resumption date.
Changes in your circumstances
You must inform us and provide all relevant evidence within nine months of the date of your change in order to be considered for a reassessment (six months if the change took place in an academic year starting prior to 1 September 2017). The nine month deadline also applies if you are applying for a current income assessment, you will need to submit a Current Income Assessment form and evidence within nine months of the initial drop in income taking place.

Practice Placement Expenses

Your Practice Placement Expense (PPE) claim form must be received by us within 9 months of the last day of each placement in order to be considered.

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