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Document What is Childcare Allowance and who can apply for it?

Childcare Allowance is a means tested allowance payable to NHS Bursary students who incur childcare costs with a registered provider, whilst attending their course.

All NHS Bursary funded students who have dependent children are entitled to apply for Childcare Allowance unless they have an EU fees only award, are seconded by their employer or their spouse, partner or civil partner has chosen not to declare their income for means testing purposes. In addition, students and/or their spouse, partner or civil partner who receive or expect to receive the childcare element of Working Tax Credit or Tax Free Childcare, are not eligible for any Childcare Allowance.

The child or children being cared for must be under 15 on the first day of the academic year in question. You cannot receive any Childcare Allowance for children who are over 15 unless they are registered as having special educational needs. In which case, you may be able to receive a Childcare Allowance for them if they are under 17.

You must firstly make an application for Dependants Allowance as the Childcare Allowance is means tested in conjunction with this and Parent Learning Allowance.

Please remember to keep your original receipts for all childcare costs you pay, as we reconcile Childcare Allowance payments on a quarterly basis and you may be asked to provide evidence of these at any point in the academic year.

Click here to view our guidance booklet which will give you further information.

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