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Document How do I apply for Childcare Allowance?

The Childcare Allowance section of the BOSS application is generated after you have applied for the Dependants Allowance. You will need to complete all of the details requested on the application form.

Once your BOSS application is submitted, you will need to download and print a paper 'Childcare Allowance Application Form'.
If you have already submitted your BOSS application without completing the Childcare Allowance section, you will need to log into your BOSS account and complete a change of circumstances form.

This form needs to be completed by you and also signed by your childcare provider. You will need a separate form for each childcare provider you use and must submit these along with any relevant supporting evidence and your student coversheet.

Click here to view the childcare allowance application form within the 'Bursary forms that aren't in BOSS'.

Click here to view further guidance.

In addition to submitting a Childcare Allowance application each academic year, you will also be asked periodically to complete Childcare Reconciliation forms and send evidence of your costs. Please remember to keep your receipts for all childcare costs you pay.

If you apply for future childcare in the same academic year on the Childcare reconciliation form there is no need to submit a separate Childcare Allowance Application Form.
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