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Document Tuition fees rates for 2012 scheme students

This guidance is only applicable to you if the first year of your course began on or after 1 September 2012.

The tuition fee award is not subject to an income assessment.

If you are deemed eligible and studying an NHS funded course other than Medical or Dental, your tuition fees will be covered in full.

If you are deemed eligible and studying an NHS funded year of a Medical or Dental course, it will depend on the type of course you are studying as to how much we will contribute. The current rates for academic years 2017/18 and 2018/19 are as follows;

We would pay up to £9,250 for pre-registration (undergraduate) courses lasting 5 or more years (including any integral foundation or intercalating years at bachelor or masters degree level) and up to £3,715 (£3,925 in Northern Ireland) for shortened / accelerated pre-registration (graduate) courses.

If you are in your final year and attendance is 15 weeks or less, we will pay fees up to £4,625.
We will pay up to £4,625 for any eligible academic year of an international course where the periods of study at the UK university are no more than 10 full time weeks or 30 part time weeks (excluding holidays).

Where a university has chosen to charge a higher tuition fee contribution than those shown above, you will be expected to meet any balance in excess of this amount yourself.

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