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Document Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) rates for 2007 scheme students

This guidance is only applicable to you if the first year of your course began on or after 1 September 2007 and prior to 1 September 2012 and your university is not located in London. If you are attending a London university you should contact your university directly with any queries about placement costs.

Travel and/or accommodation expenses may be claimed if you are eligible for at least a tuition fees award and incur additional costs whilst attending a practice placement.

You must also have been assessed for the Basic Award. If you are on an income assessed NHS funded course and chose not to declare income to be assessed for a Basic Award, you cannot claim these expenses. If you did declare income and the assessment resulted in a nil award, your Travel Disregard amount may be too high to be able to claim.

Travel expenses

You may be able to claim reimbursement of travel costs incurred whilst attending your practice placement, however the daily cost of travelling to and from your placement must be in excess of your normal daily travel costs to and from your university.

The current rates used to calculate your travel costs based on your mileage are as follows:
  • Bicycle - 20p per mile
  • All motor vehicles – 28p per mile
  • Passenger miles – 5p per mile
Accommodation expenses

You may be reimbursed the total cost of your temporary placement accommodation, up to a maximum of 110% of your term time accommodation costs. If your placement accommodation costs less than 110% of your normal term time accommodation, you may be reimbursed for the full cost. If the placement accommodation is higher, you can only be reimbursed 110% of your normal term time accommodation cost.

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