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Document What are the exit codes?

Exit Code Reason for leaving


Voluntary resignation or retirement

Employee Dismissed - Benefits being withheld




Sickness or absence or unpaid sick leave


Employee ceased to be pensionable because they have reached the upper age limit or reached 45 years' service


Assistant Practitioner becomes Principal Practitioner 


Member has died in service. If the member died after they left your employment but you had not sent in their termination form then it should not show exit 14. You should inform NHS Pensions separately of the members death.
15 Linked Employment
This exit code is used where members with no protection or tapered protection join the 2015 Scheme.
This code is used to clearly define that the member is continuing in the same employment but under the new regulations.


Opted out of NHSPS but employment continues 

You can find a list of the exit codes available in the SD55 Terminating a Period of Employment POL Guide.
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