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Document Can I get a refund of my Additional Pension contributions?

These are only refundable if your total scheme membership is less than two years and you either opt out or leave NHS pensionable employment and claim a refund of all your pension contributions. If you have two or more year’s membership that counts towards an entitlement to pension benefits from the NHS Pension Scheme and stop your Additional Pension election you will be credited with the proportion of Additional Pension that you have paid for.

The only exception to this is if you stop paying instalments within the first 12 months of exercising your option to make an election because you pass away or retire on ill health grounds. In these cases your agreement would be cancelled and any additional contributions returned. This provision equally applies to lump sum purchases and purchases made by your employer not just payments made via instalments.

A member is treated as exercising an option on the date the employer receives the application. If an employer is purchasing Additional Pension on behalf of the member, it is treated as exercising an option on the date the NHS Pensions receives the application.
For further information on Additional Pension, please see our website.
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