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Document How should I record a bank post through Pensions Online?

If you are an ESR user
ESR bank assignments will not be closed (automatically opted out) for NHS Pensions purposes, where a member has not worked for a period of three months.
As part of the pensions year end process, for any bank assignment where the member has not been paid during the year (01/04 to 31/03), ESR will send a leaver record to NHS Pensions closing the employment at the previous year end.
ESR will show the pension element as opted out from the last day of the previous financial year and the assignment will show as Inactive Not Worked. NHS Pensions will show the period of employment as closed. A report will be produced for employers giving details of these assignments. Employers must amend the member record via Pensions Online to show the correct termination date and also amend the NI status as appropriate. 
It is crucial that employers amend the member record to the correct termination date as this could affect a members entitlement and delay refund or benefit applications. We will still be required to contact employers to confirm the leaving date if the member record is not updated.

If you are not an ESR user

When recording a bank post, the first day of recorded employment should be the first day that the bank employee actually performs paid duties, not the date that they join the bank.

Their pension record may remain open, even if they do not work for a period of up to 3 months, as long as they remain on the bank of the employer. If no work is carried out during this 3 month period, the employment record must be closed as of the last day the employee performed paid duties.

In all cases bank staff employment should be recorded with standard hours of 01.00, as bank staff are not contracted to work a specific number of hours.

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