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Document What is Pensions Online (POL) and what can I do with it?

Pensions Online is a facility available to NHS Employers, GP Practices and some Direction Employers who have access to the NHS Net (or Welsh VPN). It allows access to the following NHS Pensions functionality for members of the NHS Pension Scheme:

  • Create new pensionable employments via E-Forms
  • Electronic submission of contributions and pay details via E-Forms
  • Electronic amendment of contribution and pay details via E-Forms
  • Calculation of estimates of benefits via Memberzone
  • Calculation of cost to purchase Additional Membership via Memberzone
  • View membership history for your current members via Memberzone
  • Submission of application forms to claim retirement benefits via E-Forms
  • Submission of application forms to claim refunds of contributions via E-Forms
  • View a list of your current scheme members - via E-Forms
  • View details of where your members records are updated to - via E-Forms
  • Resolve errors that have been created on member updating forms - via Error Handling
  • Amend personal details for your Scheme Members, ie surname, address - via E-Forms SD55G

If you do not have access to the NHS Net or Welsh VPN then you will not be able to access any of the above.

You can find more information about Pensions Online and its capabilities on the NHS Pensions website.


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