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Document How do I apply for Childcare Allowance (CCA)?

You need to download and complete an Childcare Allowance (CCA) application form, showing your full estimated weekly childcare costs for the academic year.

Don't include any costs that are covered through the free early years education provisions.

CCA is income assessed and is only available to postgraduate students who have been nominated for a bursary place by their university.

We may pay up to 85% of your childcare costs, up to a maximum amount.

The maximum amounts payable during the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years are:
  • Up to £155.24 per week for one child in childcare
  • Up to £266.15 per week for two or more children in childcare
In order to apply for this allowance, you need to download and print a Childcare Allowance (CCA) application form from the 'Apply' section of your MyFunding account.

If you are applying for childcare allowance for an academic year which started before September 2019 and do not have a MyFunding account, you can download the application form from our website.

Your childcare provider will need to countersign this form in order to verify the childcare costs you will incur.

If you use more than one childcare provider you will need to complete a separate section 2 and 3 for each.

You must reapply for the allowance every academic year and if your estimated costs or childcare provider details change during an academic year, you must notify us by submitting a new CCA application form.

You can send the CCA application form to us at the same time as the main postgraduate bursary application form but can also apply any time during the academic year if you need to apply later.

After the forms have been completed, please send them to us at:

Social Work Bursaries
PO Box 141
Hesketh House
200-220 Broadway

We will process this form within:
  • 20 working days of receiving it if it is received alongside your main application form
  • 10 working days if you have to apply after you have already submitted your main application form
After the form is processed, we will email you to let you know of the outcome.

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