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Document Can I claim childcare costs if I'm not entitled to Adult Dependants Allowance or Parent's Learning Allowance?

Yes, if you've already applied but been refused Adult Dependants Allowance (ADA) or Parent's Learning Allowance (PLA) due to the level of income declared on your application form, you can still apply for the Childcare Allowance (CCA). The outcome of the application will again depend of your eligibility and the level of income used in the assessment.

If may be useful to know that when we are calculating your entitlement to the income assessed additional allowances, they are assessed in a set order;
  • Adult Dependants Allowance (ADA); then
  • Childcare Allowance (CCA); then
  • Parent's Learning Allowance (PLA).
This means that even if you're awarded nil for one element due to income, you may still receive another.

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