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Document Where can I get an application form?

If you are applying for an academic year starting on or after September 2019

You can download the relevant undergraduate or postgraduate application forms from your MyFunding account.

Applications made via a BOSS (Bursary Online Support System) account can't be accepted for a Social Work Bursary.

BOSS is used to apply for an NHS Student Bursary and would only be applicable to you if your social work course was combined with nursing as a ‘Nursing and Social Work’ course.

Please make sure you download the correct application form(s) to suit your circumstances and course as it may delay your funding if you send the incorrect application or don't send all of the required supporting evidence.

If you are applying for an academic year starting before September 2019
Applications made after the deadline date won't be accepted so they are removed from our website.

The only exeption to this is if you need to inform us of a change of circumstances.

In these cases, you can contact us to request the relevant form.

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