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Document How do I apply for the additional allowances?

If you're a postgraduate course student and have been included in your university or college's allocated / capped bursary places you can apply for the following additional allowances as well as the main bursary:
  • Adult Dependents Allowance (ADA)
  • Childcare Allowance (CCA)
  • Parent's Learning Allowance (PLA)
  • Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs)
You only need to complete the main postgraduate bursary application form to be considered for ADA and PLA, however, you must also complete an additional form if you wish to apply for CCA or DSAs.

If you are applying for CCA or DSAs for an academic year which started after September 2019

You can download and print the appropriate application form(s) from the 'Apply' section of your MyFunding account.

If you are applying for CCA or DSAs for an academic year which started before September 2019

You can download these forms from our website.

In both cases, you must apply for the main bursary in order to be considered for any additional allowances and send original documents for any evidence requested in the application form(s).

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