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Document Where can I find information about the NHS Bursary if I am a prospective student?

A wide range of information is available on our website and Ask Us service. However, you may find the links below particularly useful if you are a prospective NHS Bursary student.

Health Education Funding reforms
The government have announced reforms to the way nursing, midwifery and allied health professional programmes are funded from the 17/18 academic year onwards. Click here to see how this may affect you if your course is going to start on or after 1 August 2017.

Will I be eligible for this funding?
Click here to view our eligibility section of Ask Us. This contains information on the courses attracting NHS Bursary funding and individual eligibility criteria.

What funding is available?
Click here to view our available funding section of Ask Us. This contains information on all NHS funding that you may be eligible for.
Click here to access and complete the Award Estimate Calculator on our website. This can be used to obtain an estimate of your potential NHS Bursary entitlement based on the information you input.

How and when should I apply?
Click here to view the application deadline section of our website. This includes guidance on when to apply, how long the application process may take and more.
Click here to create a Bursary Online Support System (BOSS) account if you have been offered a place on an NHS funded course. This account will be used to submit your application and track the progress of it.
Click here to view our guide to the application process.
Click here to view the application evidence section of Ask Us. This contains information on the evidence required once you have submitted your online application.

Click here to view the sending documents section of Ask Us. This contains guidance on how to send the required evidence.

How is the NHS Bursary paid?
Click here to view the ‘When payments are made’ section of Ask Us. This contains information on how and when to expect the possible funding you apply for.


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