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Document What does the Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) travel allowance cover?

The travel allowance may be used to pay any additional expenditure for travel in the UK to attend your university or to attend a practice placement which has been arranged as part of the course as long as it's reasonably incurred due to your disability.

We would only help towards the excess costs that you incur when compared to the cost of a comparable public transport journey.

For example, if you need to travel by taxi rather than bus due to mobility or visual difficulties, then we will pay for the difference between your taxi fare and the cost of a regular bus ticket.
When attending your practice placements you do not need complete a Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) form to claim these costs however these costs must be quoted in your Needs Assessment Report (NAR).
If your placements are unknown at the time your Needs Assessment takes place, the Needs Assessor will need to send us additional quotes prior to your placement starting to allow us to pay towards any placement travel.
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