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Document What can I use my specialist equipment payment for?

The specialist equipment payment is to help you buy the items and specialist software which has been recommended for you on your Needs Assessment Report (NAR)

You can also use it to pay for any insurance or extended warranty costs arising from owning that equipment and your NAR usually indicates an amount for this purpose.

It is highly recommended that you insure your specialist equipment as the obligation is on the student to ensure that the equipment is covered by warranty and insurance for the duration of study.

We will not cover for any loss, damage or theft of specialist equipment if you do not have the appropriate insurance; any replacement or repair of equipment would need to be funded by yourself.

The equipment you purchase must be capable of running any software that has been recommended.

If it does not, we may recover the money awarded for equipment from you.

If you choose to purchase a higher specification computer / laptop than the one recommended for you, we may recover the whole amount paid to you.

This is because although you usually require more than an entry-level entry computer / laptop in order to use the specialist software which has been recommended for you, a computer / laptop has been recommended solely for that purpose.

DSAs are not intended to fund the cost of a computer in isolation.


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