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Document What happens if any quotes on my Needs Assessment Report (NAR) show as ‘to be confirmed/TBC’?

If the Assessment Centre you attended have been unable to obtain a quote for any recommended equipment or support you may need before writing your Needs Assessment Report (NAR), this may show as ‘To be confirmed/TBC’.

We would still process the NAR within 10 working days of receipt however we can only make payments for any equipment that we have received a quote for.

You would need to contact the Assessment Centre who wrote your NAR and arrange for a quote to be sent to us for the equipment / support that is showing as ‘To be confirmed/TBC’ on your NAR.

We then would consider this quote within 10 working days of receipt and notify you of the outcome via email.

If you are due any further payments, we will arrange for it to be to the bank account registered against your Bursary Online Support System (BOSS) account.
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