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Document What is a Needs Assessment and why do I need to attend an Assessment Centre?

A Needs Assessment is the term used to describe an informal meeting between you and an experienced Needs Assessor.

The Needs Assessor helps you identify what support you may need when undertaking your course, based on your individual circumstances.

You can attend a Needs Assessment at an independent Assessment Centre or at your university, if they have the facility to do this.

If you choose to attend an independent Assessment Centre, they must be approved by the Disabled Students Allowances Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG).

Your nearest approved Assessment Centre can be found by going to the DSA-QAG's website

After your Needs Assessment has been carried out, we'll receive a Needs Assessment Report (NAR) which details your needs and any recommendations made by your Needs Assessor, including quotes for any support / equipment which may help you during your studies.

We will review this within 10 working days of receipt and contact you to let you know if your DSAs funding has been approved.


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