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Document What will happen to my Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) if I withdraw from my course?

If you have began your course, purchased specialist equipment using Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) and then stop studying, the equipment purchased will remain your property.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to ask you to attend a Needs Assessment and supply you with DSAs-funded equipment before the start of your course if the use of this equipment is necessary before you start studying.

If you subsequently don't start the course, we may ask you to pay us back for the equipment.

Similarly, if you start your course but withdraw from studies but we provide DSAs funding or equipment after your withdrawal date (due to us not being notified that you have left the course) we will normally ask you to repay us.

As an alternative to full repayment, you may be able to return of the equipment to the supplier rather than paying us the money back.

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