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Document What will happen to my bursary if I withdraw from my course?

Once you have confirmed with your university that are withdrawing or taking an interruption from your course, you should contact us as soon as possible to request that all future payments are placed on hold. This will help minimise any possible overpayment. Your university will also need to send us a Withdrawal Form (BUR101W) to advise that you have withdrawn from your course.

Within 25 working days of receiving the Withdrawal Form (BUR101W), a withdrawal calculation is carried out on all elements of your bursary, excluding any Childcare Allowance. You will be entitled to payment from the first day of the course until the last date of attendance on the course. If you have already received any payments after the last date, then an overpayment will be raised and an invoice will be sent to you.


Your university have advised that you were in attendance from 26/9/2015 to 7/12/2015, this would entitle you to 73 days worth of bursary.

You may have been underpaid or overpaid depending on how much we had already paid you. This will be determined once the withdrawal calculation has been completed.

Childcare Allowance

Any Childcare Allowance payments received will not initially be included as part of the withdrawal calculation as these payments must be reconciled first.

You will be asked to send a Childcare Reconciliation form and your receipts at the end of the current reconcile period and we will do an additional withdrawal calculation.

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