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Document What will happen if I am transferring course or university?

Transferring course only
Your university will send us a Change Form (BUR102) to advise that you are transferring courses, and your payments may be placed on hold to avoid any overpayments.
You will need to make a new application and send in any relevant evidence along with your student coversheet, as your bursary may need to be reassessed.
If you had withdrawn prior to the transfer then we would also need the Resumer Form (BUR101R) from your university to confirm that you have resumed onto the course.

If you transfer courses on or after 1 August 2017 you would only be eligible for an NHS Bursary if it is to a course which still attracts NHS Bursary funding following the Health Education Funding Reforms and funding is authorised by your Health Education England (HEE) Local Office.
Transferring university
If you are transferring to a different university but continuing with the course you were already on, the following process will occur:

  • The university that you are leaving will send us a Withdrawal Form (BUR101W) to advise that you are withdrawing from their university
  • The university that you have transferred to will send us a Resumer Form to advise that you have started at their university and evidence that Health Education England (HEE) have approved your bursary funding.
You will need to submit a new application form in BOSS regardless of whether it is with the same academic year or a different one.

If you had already made an application for the same academic at the previous university, you do not need resend your evidence if this application has already been approved and all of your other circumstances are the same. You will only need to send in a cover letter explaining this along with your student coversheet.

If you are a first year student and you transfer universities prior to starting your course, the university details will be amended once the Confirmation of Student Attendance (COSA) has been received and processed.
If you are transferring to a university in England from a university in Scotland / Wales / Northern Ireland, you will need to submit a BOSS application and answer ‘yes’ when asked if this is your first year of NHS funding. All requested evidence along with your student coversheet will be required. The university you are transferring to will be required to send a BUR101R.
Transferring university and restarting the same course from year one

 If you decide to change university and then re-start a course from year one, you will no longer be entitled to a NHS Bursary.

You may however be eligible to apply for the Learning Support Fund (LSF).

You can find details on the LSF and how to apply on our website.

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