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Document I am an independent student but I have just married, how will this affect my bursary?

Already co-habiting prior to marriage

If the initial assessment has included your spouse’s / civil partner's income and expenses because you were co-habiting, you would not need to have your basic bursary award reassessed or any additional allowances you have applied for.

To change your marital status on BOSS, you will need to complete a change of circumstances through your BOSS account and send any relevant evidence along with your student coversheet.

Did not co-habit prior to marriage

If the initial assessment has been based on your income and expenses only because you were not living with your spouse / civil partner before the marriage, your basic bursary award will need to be reassessed to take into account your spouse’s / civil partne's income and expenses. This is regardless of whether you now live together. Your basic award would then be an aggregate amount figure of your entitlement up to the date of marriage and a new entitlement means tested on your spouse’s income from date of marriage to the end of the academic year.

You can also apply for Dependants Allowance for your spouse and any children who are financially dependent on you.

If you are a diploma student who started their course prior to September 2012, you will not need to have your basic award reassessed as it would have been non means tested.

You will need to submit a new application via your Boss account to include your spouse's details and send in the requested documents from the 'Evidence Required Email'. You must also include a covering letter stating the date you married and moved in together (if different).

As part of the assessment of this application, you may notice your application being rejected and a Change of Circumstances being submitted on your behalf via the applicable enrolment period. This is not an indication of any issue with your application and you should ignore the generic email you receive resulting from the Change of Circumstances we submit.

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