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Document What will happen to my bursary award if I re-start a course from the beginning?

If you decide to re-start a course from the beginning of year one, the following process will occur:

Your university will send us a BUR101W to advise that you have withdrawn / are withdrawing from your current course. We will then calculate any underpayment / overpayment, as applicable, and notify you where necessary.

Once you have confirmation from your university that you can restart your course from year 1, you will need to make a new application. You would apply as a new student and submit all of the requested evidence.

Your university will send us a COSA (Confirmation of Student Attendance) once you have started your new course.

Once the COSA has been received and if your application has been assessed, we will be able release your payments.

If you restart a course on or after 1 August 2017 you would only be eligible for an NHS Bursary if it is on a course which still attracts NHS Bursary funding following the Health Education Funding Reforms.

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